This is a unique online dating site for young men and older women. This is the best place for older women to find younger men they click with and for young men who are attracted to older women. This site is not complicated and is easy to use. Our basic registration only takes a couple of minutes. You do not have to fill out lengthy questionnaires like you'll find on many dating sites who simply wish to impress you. Our members’ profiles are short and to the point!

We are very much aware for your security and privacy so we have dedicated a customer care team who check all new profiles and photos to make sure they are genuine. We also strongly protect your privacy and will not reveal any of your online activity, or give any of your information to third parties.

Tips for success (for men)

We encourage you to contact no more than five women each week. Then concentrate on one you like the most . Build a connection with her by e-mail, which will build her confidence in you, so she can trust you. Be patient with her and let her give you her phone number in her own time. Remember that these women are very classy and some of them are businesswomen, so you must act wisely and behave appropriately towards them in order to win their trust. That's why we recommend a 3 months membership, long enough to enable you to build a strong and reliable connection.

Please remember

•  Do not send too many messages

•  Do not push the women to respond to you immediately

•  Do not send more than one message to each woman you like

You must show patience, a little indifference can even help.

1 month
£19 per month
Total £19 for 30 days

3 months
£10 per month
Total £30 for 90 days

Success stories

Older women and young men Paul 24 and Jannet 45

Paul: “From the first moment I saw her I felt something different, challenging, adventurous, I did not know how to start a conversation with her but then she helped me to overcome stress and feel comfortable until we found ourselves in the same bed till morning”

Dating Younger Men Darrel 24 and Sara 55

Darell: “At first I was worried what my friends would say, after all I look like her son, but as far as our relationship deepened, I realized how experienced and smart and sexy woman she is.

Classy older women looking for Younger men Norman 26 and Suzann 65

Suzann: “I must say that at first I was ashamed, I was embarrassed, but then, when we encountered some encouraging responses from family and friends, then I changed my approach.”


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